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hi windblown, that is preciecly why I questioned Donnie's milage...I thought, based on my MC experiance, that this was an unusual amount of ground covered on a motorcycle in the time frame presented. I'd venture to guess top 5% in the world of riders. In retrospect, if I had a do-over, I would leave out the jab about his question being stupid. But, as I said in my original post, this topic brought out the inner grumpiness in me. Why?
All I can point to is that I thought Donnie sounded like a braggart. He seemed to mention his milage too often. Compound that with my belief that anyone who rides that much and still does not know what bikes are available to compliment his style of riding has to be BS'ing me on some level.
Still, I'm amazed by Donnie's ability to rack up the miles.I generated a map of North America. Upon that map I drafted a continuous line representing a "route". I made this line 38k miles in length (figuring this was as the crow flies and does not account for topography). Granted, this was rudamentory, but 38k will take you from...
Miss. down through interior Mexico, all the way around S. America, back up through Mexico, then west to Cali, up and around the State of Alaska then eastward following US boundary until returning back to Miss.
That's a friggin' long way!
Has Donnie been profiled in any MC publications? Should be.
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