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just to finish off this trip timeline

i parked up the bike as stated, tidied her up etc etc and rolled her into my friends garage, put cover on and kissed her goodbye...

i promised her i would be back to ride her later in the year and to be a good girl until then !!

trudged down hills and paths like this

with vegetation like this...

my legs were shaking like leaves from going down hill !!! easy knowing i had spent days just sitting on my ass !!

my friend H rang and said he would meet me in milano......!!!! we were going to party.........!!!!

usually with H anything goes, but one sure thing always - it would be mad !!! and you could end up anywhere, and i do mean anywhere !!

i have woken up in different countries next to people i never even met !!!!

so i had to steel myself for the fun to follow....!!!

sitting on the train was relaxing, i like the rhythm of the train, it kind of lulls you into a sense of letting go....

il treno pulls into milano centrale and i realise i am wrecked - wrecked but content - content but concerned about what might unfold tonight !!

you know what they say - what goes on tour stays on tour

but this was one of the watering holes we ventured into after that it becomes a bit of a blur...

we met up with some of H's friends - french, belgian and others, language barriers came down after the fourth or fifth drink and one of them
is a well paid salesman for a big chemical company...

we were in line at an open air niteclub don't know where.....lot of people chance to get in but hunnys everywhere.

he flicks out his credit card, asks a bouncer to check it out, and suddenly we are in, escorted to top vip area and ladies start walking by as if on a catwalk.

just your usual saturday night out - !!

it seems money buys anything and once his credit card went through their system they knew he was a good punter...!!

just to get in and for the drinks below was around 1,000 euro........!!!! jesus, what a crime...!!!

anyways there were good times had there and many other places, but to tell the truth it wasn't my cup of tea really...!!!

even the sky turned pink.

H had booked me into a hotel near the airport and when I got there at 6:30 in the morning, I just had time to shower, change, pay the bill and check out...!!!

so i am sitting in the airport with a big sore maggoty head on me. then i could hear bells, church i was not well....but they were was sunday
and there is a church in the airport and I was sitting near it....!!! i hadn't time to go and give thanks but i'm sure the man above understands..

still recuperating and many coffees later... i look up and spot this beside me !

wtf moment.....!!!


it was the only pussy i remember seeing on the whole trip.!
end of trip !
thank you for your time.
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