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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
I think Speedbrain continues in good hands with a good bike. I hear they have plenty of Speedbrain (not Husky Italy) developed motors for the foreseeable future. Barreda's demands to Honda were Paulo, Wolfgang, Joan's Physio, engineer, and mechanic. Honda agreed as Japan was keen on him running HRC colors.

I don't believe they will run any trucks, equipment, etc. with Speedbrain branding. This is an HRC effort. Joan and Paulo are now HRC riders. HRC simply co-opted some SB experience and structure to run things similar to how HRC co-opted Henk and the HT Rally Raid effort, it's just now switched to SB.

Speedbrain will continue as a separate entity with their bikes and equipment. Development on the Speedbrain 450 Rally continues as normal, the concentration just shifts to customer packages unless, of course another manufacturer comes knocking, then I am sure the minds would be open.
It seems a massive concession on both sides, Honda on the cash and speedbrain on the bike. For JBB it must have been some offer, his ego must be somewhere up in the clouds at the moment? the total package for one rider must be enormous and they couldn't do a deal with Cyril? There is more to this story that we will probably never know.?

or have our friends just eradicated one of the opposition 7 months before the start
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