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Originally Posted by Ozi View Post
After shaking hands with the dealer - the clouds looked very dark and night was falling. I noticed right away the headlight is daylight sensitive and once out of the shop the headlight went off - (the rider manual shows the headlight switch has more positions than it actually has and in AU that leaves you with the "V" Light and low beam controlled by some hidden sensor) As I rode back in traffic in the dark I clearly saw the headlight come back on as it decided to go "on" and illuminated the car infront on me - Is there anyway to use the orange program key to set it to permanently on?
G'Day Ozi,

I just had the first service done at Dalby Moto and they are working with KTM to find a solution to the light issue. There is no way to permanently leave the ordinary lights on unfortunately. They uploaded a software update and I was hoping that might sort out the on / off thing but it didn't. Seems like something they probably should get right soon as it is a bit daunting when the lights go out. The only solution at the moment is to go to settings and turn the DRL light option to Off every time you start the bike at night. Bit of a pain because you have to be stationery to do so, but definitely a lot safer.
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