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Originally Posted by whitewater18 View Post
One question I have; What kind of range are you getting? With my 990 I have to carry extra gas on some of our rides. I'm only getting around 170 miles/tank (274 km) riding loaded for weekend camping. In a perfect world, I'd love to see 220 mi (350 km) plus out of a stock tank. However, riding conservative to max your gas milage just isn't possible on a big KTM!

Fuel economy is a lot better than I anticipated. Having heard some horror stories about 990's with drinking problems I wasn't optimistic but so far I am averaging anywhere between 13 - 17km/l on mixed dirt and tar. 13kpl (30mpg) might not seem like a lot but riding my Arrow mapped Tiger 800 on similar terrain (albeit probably a little slower) was returning around 11kpl. On a long wet bitumen ride home last night, it was averaging close to 18kpl so I think 400km is not out of the question when taking it easy. For me though, I am just happy to see that it will comfortably make 300km+ when ridden in the dirt and that is enough to cover most situations until you start heading west.

Originally Posted by whitewater18 View Post
That 700 looks sweet! Doubt we ever see them here in the states...
The 700 is a kit being put together by some enterprising Australian's so with a bit of luck you might have the ability build one on the other side of the pond somewhere down the track.
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