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Originally Posted by camitzi View Post
Just to clarify something: I din NOT ASK FOR or SOLICIT anything. And since you are not enjoying my report anyway, kindly refrain from making any more comments on it. Please refer to the rules and regulations of this site.
Great ride report BTW. I feel the need to say though, putting a donation button in your post is a solicitation. Did you ask for money - no. Did you imply it - absolutely yes. To quote GunSmoke, people do get somewhat "disgusted" when well to do riders on year long vacations riding top tier bikes solicit donations in a world where three quarters of the inhabitants live on less than $5 bucks a day. Nobody wants to fund your vacation. They want you to be adults and fund yourself. It's a self centered act and comes across as a little tacky. I would be too embarrassed to solicit. If I had hungry kids I'd ask. To prolong or fund a vacation, hell no. Put your chin up. South America isn't going anywhere. There's no shame in not being able to fund the ride. If funds are low work a year and resume.
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