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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
I'm on the same situation, eyeing the 1190 from a Tiger 800 XC. I like the Tiger but I have a strong feeling I will like the 1190 Adventure better.
G'Day Lion,

My observation so far is that the two bikes do a very similar job in many respects. There are two area's where the 1190 stands out for me though:

1) Power in Sport mode. Flick the switch to Sport mode and the bike is just insane. I am talking about the kind of mental disturbance that hovers a front wheel above the ground while clearing triple digits (in mph no less) and smokes the rear tyre exiting tar corners. It's the kind of power that leaves your hands shaking after a spirited run and makes you feel like wearing your undies on the outside, super hero style.

Now, I'll be honest and say that my bike spends most of it's time in off-road mode and much of this wasted on my limited road racing abilities. It is cool to light the wick and watch it explode every now and then though

2) Off Road ability: This is the reason I bought the bike. It feels more composed tracking through soft surfaces (although it is still a big bike) and the suspension and ground clearance allow you to carry more speed over broken ground. The difference isn't night and day but it is noticeable and if my sense of self preservation was lower (and my skill level higher), I suspect it could be ridden at some serious velocities through the bush.
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