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Originally Posted by wbbnm View Post
But I guess Tuba City is actually on Hopi Land.
In Tuba City, North of the highway is Navajo, South is a small Hopi area.

Carliss S. at the Hopi Cultural Center near Second Mesa said he's not aware of any type of permit for what we do. I suggested they create something so we could dual sport in that region, and they could collect a few bucks. He seemed more interested when I suggested I wanted to bring a big group of paying customers on a "back country ride". He's interested in anything that will bring more people through, who have money to spend. Contact him here, and tell him that small group of bikers from April sent you:
concierge (at)

On our April trip there, on a back road, we came up on an SUV with several BIG guys in it. They stopped us and started grilling us about why we were there and what were we doing. They had a serious bad attitude (amplified by their obvious earlier drinking), and told us to get the hell out because it was their land and we were not welcome. All previous encounters with locals was the exact opposite. Carliss from the Hopi Center told us he thought knew the guys, and knew they were trouble makers. Apparently outsiders steal artifacts from the back country, and it has become a very sensitive issue. Anyway, I just thought it would have helped us if we had an official Hopi "passing through" permit. The Navajo permit doesn't seem to cover "passing through on the back roads", only camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting, which we are not doing.
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