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Originally Posted by MTKNZ View Post
Peace to you Ara, and my sympathy for your loss.
All things must pass in their time.
Thank You.

Turning Gears in and out of Munich. Again.

I suddenly feel as an International Traveler being back in Munich, I also feel as half of me has stayed behind as one more time Spirit and I are separated for what was going to be 2 weeks, now turning into 3 weeks.
It is a halt in the Journey, and yet maybe not as a Journey is the Teacher and I am learning much here from lessons thrown at me without any compassion for the departed through this ongoing Bureaucratic nightmare.
I feel more as I am buying a used car or a house or anything else for that matter. “Human Being”, “Mother”, none of those words appear throughout the daily demands.
Karma has however also placed some incredible new Friends on my path [Friends with many other Friends in common] who invited me to their Home over the last weekend, the right prescription to lighten up the mind and Soul. Today is the last day in this apartment which I will be giving up tomorrow and on invited again at my new Friends Home for the last week here till I return on the 8ht.
I have given up on the wait, on the daily hope, on the notion of bringing my Mother back with me. All hinged on “one” piece of paper. If it happens next week, it will be well, if not, I will need to come back one more time yet only when “ready”.
Such is Life, such is also After Life. Strange World sometimes I feel we live in.
Till next time...

Ara and Spirit

7ht Year, the Stars, living under them… The Journal
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