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Originally Posted by ColoradoBigfoot View Post
I must add, I was not fair or justified in my "braggart" diagnostics. It was just an unconcious "trigger" that released my inner grumpiness. Never said I was perfect. I will say this however, I will never shut-up or keep my mouth shut when I have something to say. Regardless if other posters disagree with my views.
Then you don't have to make such a statement here for it is not the opinions of others that you care about (in this matter). Imo your original question was well founded but a bit "too aggressive" in the way it came out.

My 990 is just shy of the 50k mile mark and I suspect it burns oil like a potato fryer. I'll report back when I'm sure. Had the cases cracked after a high speed slide on some shoapy water. Had the mc failure three times (now replaced with a radial type from a SD). Had the slave cylinder failure once and 3-4 times the fuel filter clogged other than that it has been pure joy!!!!
KTM 990 Adventure White 2009 R specced
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