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Originally Posted by Calimari View Post
Moving objects, motorcycle riders included, cannot diverge from a linear path without lateral g's. It takes force and acceleration to move in anything other than a straight line.

My point was that throwing out a lofty lateral g figure without mentioning that it's in a highly banked curve is misleading, sort of like quoting an awesome 0-60 mph figure, but not mentioning that it only applies on steep downgrades.
Correct. The difference is that on the flat, the car driver feels the lateral by being pulled sideways, while the bike rider feels it through the seat of his pants. On the banking, car and bike both feel the force through their backside at neutral speed.

I've driven on the high speed oval at the Ford proving grounds, and if you're at the neutral speed for the lane you're in, you can run hands off all the way around.
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