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Don't know if this will add any data, but my 06 950 is at about 61k now, it's running better than ever now. I've changed the water pump (once, at around 22k- it's been fine for the last 39k), I've changed the fuel pump (twice, but the second time was just precautionary). Other than that it's just been maintenance, oil changes every 4k, valve checks every 12-15k. And lots of fiddling with the carb to make it run just a little better, and messing with the suspension to make it ride just a bit nicer, but that's just me, it didn't need those things. No clutch problems (I've changed the o-ring as a precaution), no brake problems, no regulator/rectifier problems, stock battery from 06 is still in there, but probably due for retirement this year.

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