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Augusta/Cape Leeuwin 31 May 2013

Well, the last day of Autunm arrived and it didn't disappoint. Leaving home at 8.00 am after packing the kids off to school, it was bloody freezing. Approx 2 degrees Celsius and not fair weathered biker compatible at all. I headed over to Brian's house full of excitement as I hadn't been on a decent run for quite some time due to weather and family commitments, mainly my son's soccer matches every Sunday morning. However, a work free day and it was on. Wee sounded great after her recent oil change and looked resplendent with her new led front indicators.

About 20 mins later I arrived at Brian's, frozen! I couldn't feel my fingers even though I was wearing 2 pairs of gloves. Luckily for me Brian has a very lovely considerate wife who made me a nice hot cuppa and provided a heat pack to warm my frozen digits.

The sun was starting to come up so I left my gloves in full sun in an attempt to warm them up prior to setting off. It seemed to work, and luckily the temperature rises quite quickly here when the sun rises so the run down to Busselton was quite pleasant. We made good time and when we reached it was just the right time for coffee and cake at the foreshore.

The main attraction at Busselton is the jetty which stretches out almost 2km into the sea. It's very impressive but a long walk out to the end which we unfortunately didn't have time to complete:

 photo DSCF0228_zpsf61cc957.jpg

 photo DSCF0225_zpsa3e414a6.jpg

Busselton is a popular holiday destination in Western Australia, mainly due to it's shallow water and stunning beaches:

 photo DSCF0226_zps9190ede5.jpg

 photo DSCF0230_zpsd9829136.jpg

The regulation pic of the bikes:

 photo DSCF0231_zps6e3af3b4.jpg

Then it was off to Yallingup which is a popular surfing spot as it has bigger waves than the sheltered beaches of Busselton and other spots in Geographe Bay. Yallingup is stunning but quite windswept.

The road down to Yalingup:

 photo DSCF0234_zpseafc09e6.jpg

Yallingup townsite:

 photo DSCF0239_zpsc879f3b9.jpg

Crazy surfers, there are lots of Great White Sharks out there and this area is well known for shark attacks:

 photo DSCF0237_zps4c7e92b2.jpg

 photo DSCF0238_zpsbbd67774.jpg

The bay at Yallingup:

 photo DSCF0240_zps2ab06b50.jpg

The bikes again:

 photo DSCF0242_zps745f4630.jpg

Smith's Beach, Yallingup:

 photo DSCF0245_zps5bbd90be.jpg

Brian having just figured out his battery was dead:

 photo DSCF0247_zpsbbcf60cf.jpg

No time for coffee here as we wanted to get to Cape Leeuwin so a push start for Brian and off we went down Caves Road and the hundred or so kms to Augusta. A great run although we got a little bit of rain on this leg.

A quick bite to eat at Augusta which is the town at the South West tip of this great country. Pepper steak pie for me and bacon sarnie and chicken pie for Brian (he's a growing lad!). Unfortunately for him he found a rather large bone in his pie which is never a good thing, so if you ever got to the Augusta bakery beware the chicken pies! My steak and pepper was great!

On to Cape Leeuwin which is only about 5 kms out of the town:

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse:

 photo DSCF0251_zps3fdac86e.jpg

The south coast of Australia. Next stop Antarctica:

 photo DSCF0252_zps4109953b.jpg

The west coast of Australia. Next stop Africa:

 photo DSCF0250_zpsd2c411ef.jpg

 photo DSCF0255_zpsf6ad03b0.jpg

 photo DSCF0254_zpsf23bfe0c.jpg

Brian freezing his b*ll*cks off at the south west tip of Oz:

 photo DSCF0253_zps26cc379d.jpg

Then it was off home. No stops except for a leg stretch at Myalup services and home for 5.45 pm.

A great run but it did take a while to thaw out after!
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