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I have a Montana. On long DS rides I set it for .2 mile per point. I guess I will have to do some research on Auto and Most Often. Never heard of them.
Yes please do. Neither mileage or time work well, use Auto on 60/76/62/78, don't know Montana. It is smart enought to record lots of points during turns and few points on straights.

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I assume I can get your Old Spanish Trail tracks from GPSXchange. I will look for them. We were just riding oil field and forest roads from maps and previous trips.
Yes GPSX, and yes lots of oil (or gas) field roads. I was running out of gas, found a pop bottle was going to flag down truck with quad. Came upon pump station, went in, told guy my sob story, he was biker showed me photo of big group ride he just did and filled my tank from their pump.

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Do you get Navajo permits when riding dirt roads there?
Yes Crawdaddy got one but I never bothered and never got caught by police. Did get stopped by rancher north of Camron. Told him just sight seeing, no guns, and just riding thru. He was nice and said OK.
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