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Heres some stuff from my warped view of the world for ya mate.

Cant seem to see many speed signs on the roads. Or they are more hidden than in Oz.

Banks FMD they seem to be everywhere. No wonder the US is struggling financially. Radio adverts for borrow this amount & you get free steak knives with your brand new chevy truck.

So far i find the US citizens very polite. I seem To Be sneezing A Lot. Each Time I sneeze I make a BLoody Loud noise & theres always a few people yelling out "Guzuntight".

The business people dont seem to like having their routines changed & just seem to stair blankly for a while when the first lot of words spew out of my mouth. So most times my first sentence needs to be repeated slower. Getting used to that .

Jet Lag seems to have caught up to me after being awake for 72 hours. Sought of reminds me of Sleep Deprevation during interogation training. But ive caught up on sleep now.

The fast food joints seem to be all run down. Of course lt all being strange to me too makes it a bit of a gamble for selecting what seems to be a good feed.

So whats on the go from here you say ?

Get the bike out of the freight joint sunday morning.(Saturday morning now) Go purchase some Wolfman rocky mountain saddle bags & a Arai fluro yellow XD4 brain bucket and return the neeeeeesan flog a rocket / rentacage.

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Looking forward to see what an Aussie thinks of our side of the planet. As mentioned before......Yellowstone MUST be on the schedule. It's our jewel in the crown.
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