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Originally Posted by Toscana1 View Post
Any guidance to a good tutorial on replacing the problematic '98-'99 torque limiter. One that shows from start to finish hopefully? I've read tons of posts, stories, etc. on ADV, ThumperTalk and DRRiders but haven't been able to find a step-by-step on how to do the upgrade. Any links would be appreciated, thanks.
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I've never done the project, you've done your homework, jump in, take photos. Remove cover: I'd do this with the bike on the sidestand, there are one or two washers inside the cover and you want them falling to the left if they don't stick to the cover (oil friction). Once you find 3 & 5, you can straighten the bike to vertical, making access easier. Scrape gasket, be patient, gaskets can be a PITA to remove, you don't want to nick the gasket surface with a scraper. Remove old, install new torque limiter. Grease gasket, install cover. Use a light coat of grease when re-installing the gasket, not RTV or similar.

I'm assuming this isn't your primary transportation, that you already have the basic tools needed and this isn't the first time you've used tools. Regardless, don't be in a hurry when you start and have a new gasket on hand, just in case the old one breaks.

Make sure to account for parts 3 and 5. There's a pair of each, one inside, another outside. It seems most likely that #5 will stay in their bosses due to oil suction.

You've probably already seen this pic. There isn't much involved.

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