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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Lowest ratings on record. Of course, that may have nothing to do with the quality of the race itself. It may just be a step in a long trend of declining ratings.

It makes me sad to read about ratings like these. But I have to say, it's hard to root for a series which shoots itself in the foot so often. Firing Randy Barnard, for example, upset a lot of the dwindling fan base.
our usual group went and everyone was amazed. it started like the '92 race (cold, early yellows), then sorted itself out quickly.

the 0800 security switch on georgetown did not go smoothly, and the cold temps mellowed out the crowd too.

but it was a great race, with lots of passing (not just for the lead) but all through the field. munoz had a great showing, and if that race had finished under green it would have been a finish like the indy lights race.

jim nabors was there, florence henderson wasn't. win-win.

i left my seat one time during the race.

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