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Been reading here in orange crush and the ktm info for the past week. Same model and similar mileage to yours. (If anyone recognizes this beast which may have started life in Colorado I'd sure appreciate some history)

I've ordered the water pump kit. Could have been done recently but not worth risking.

Pyndon will provide the "how" and I've cooked polycarbonate screens in oven before. Wife is getting used to cooking unusual things so the case will be fine. I think...

Clutch slave?

Probably leave this alone. Worst case is push the bike for a bit then jump on and keep riding to get out of trouble. The evoluzione seems to be the deal if I do order.

Voltage regulator?

Link below and it's for a 950. Is this still same regulator? Is it worth getting a spare?

Fuel pump.

Didn't like the idea of spending 500 on a maybe problem

Perhaps just found the answer.
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