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i've got the race on my dvr; haven't had a chance to watch it yet. left indy on monday and went for a week-long ride. watching the first detroit race right now.

with the temperatures so low and a couple of early yellows, i thought we were going to have another crash-fest like 1992. i never imagined that we'd see the fastest race ever. it seemed like there was overtaking down the front straight ever single lap (whether or not there was is another story ).

the guys i go with are from wisconsin, and they left indy with the intention of busting ass back to kenosha and watching the race on tv, since much of the midwest is delayed as far as tv coverage. i don't know how much the ratings are affected by dvr use and the local blackout. still, it's an unfortunate trend.

i thought bernard had a lot of potential, but wheldon's death undoubtedly guaranteed his ouster. they were still losing money and the canceled chinese race didn't help matters.

on we go.
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