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Originally Posted by ADVMax View Post
Donnie, first of all I would like to appologize for not being able to help you with those cats back when we talked about it, my schedule has been - - - fucked up, no nicer way to put it.

Chain and sprockets - I went with these guys when I re-chained the 950, their "kit" prices were decent -

The kit I bought had a Stealth rear sprocket but it doesn't look like they offer that now? So far the gold DID chain has been really good, very little stretching etc., it proved to be a good choice. cpmodem had given that particular chain high regards which kind of tilted my choice a bit, I've always said if cp says it works it's a safe bet.

Mileage - I don't know if you remember Hawk or not but at this point he's got well over 100K on his 950 and is still beating the guts out of it.

I sure have missed getting to see you, maybe if you swing back through the southeast sometime this year we can get together.

The only other wisdom I can offer is that it's good that you have spent so much time in Mexico on a KLR and a BMW, the scenery will go by much faster on a KTM!

Have a good safe ride my friend, can't wait for the pics.

No problem about the cats! I buy a lot of tires from Rocky Mountain ATV and saw their Lexx House Brand cans on their website for $399 delivered. For some reason, I clicked on one day and bought them delivered for $287! I really like the pipes, barely louder than stock, a few pounds lighter and the main reason, which is why I bought them, much much less heat! I can't tell you how many times I had burned my hand putting the moto on the center stand immediately after stopping, plus much safe for passengers. I have had other motos with cats, but none were as hot as these!

I already have the chain and sprockets. I purchased the DID ZVM-X 525 Super Street Series Chain and JT sprockets. Way more expensive that a FD bearing and seal for the GS!

Unless something changes, I should start accumulating mileage pretty rapidly. The trip I start in a less than two weeks will add 7,000 plus to the odometer. Crap! I hope that I didn't just offend the two boys from Colorado!

I passed fairly close to you recently. I delivered a KLX250S I sold to a friend in north Georgia (south of Chattanooga) on the way to pick up a 7X14 cargo trailer in south Georgia. Stop in if you come through north Mississippi!
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