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Musquin with a 2-2 for the overall.

Tomac and Roczen both with moto wins and a 4th. Conspiracy!

Blake Wharton sneaking into the top 10 with a 9th.

Davalos with a solid 11th. Why is he on a pro circuit bike again?

Justin Bogle moving up each week with a 7th overall. Once you've seen that kid whip the skyshot you'll forever be a fan trust me.

Dakota Kessler, Mickey's son 34th overall.

15 of 40 250's on Honda's.

How the heck did Crosley Radio ever get involved in sponsoring a MX racer?

Cole Seely seems to do better @ SX than MX by a wide margin.

So there are 2 Martins from Millville on the 250's, assume they are brothers, and they finish 15 and 16th overall.

Blake Baggett's 3-3 only good enough for 4th overall.

Zach Osborne 5th overall, isn't he the one who came off the bike at the Dallas SX and careened down the track like a rag doll?
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