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well lets see so far in the first 72hrs of being in California.

  • He went shopping at Chaparral's motorsports (they have about 100K sf of retail space

  • Took a ride on a borrowed bike over GMR and GRR to Mt. Baldy (60+ miles of nothing but twisty roads up into the mountains up to bout 7K feet above sea level

    (of course he got light headed at that altitude, apparently Ozy folk can hold their booze but cant deal with oxygen deprivation
  • Had a beer made from Coconut water direct from Hawaii (I will leave the description of that experience for him)
Tomorrow he is going shopping in a Walmart, I wont tell him what to expect. Just Google people of walmart and see for yourself.

Now if I just could understand 1/5 of what ever the fuck he was saying it might be a little easier to communicate...

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