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After 3 months of every day riding from switzerland to mongolia we've covered almost every weather conditions from cold to very hot and from heavy rain to snow. My conclusion: With this modification the Klim Badlands Pro is probably the best gear you can get on the market at the moment for a trip like that. I'm absolutely happy with it. It also survived some minor crashes without serious scratches and kept me safe. By the way the modified flap has no impact on the airflow since you can keep the flap open with the strap.

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My concern is the impact of wear because of the "open and shut" effect on those zippers and the fact that they are exposed. As demonstrated by the experience of the inmates that were fitted with the modifications, having a "storm cover" seems like a good addition. In this price range, there must be some redundancy and no single point of failure. I wonder if the mods impacted significantly on the ability to generate airflow when those vents were opened during warmer days.

Our Canadian climate, as demonstrated by last June's data for example, will see 35C on a sunny day and very soon after (when leaving the campsite after taking down the wet tent) in the early morning, it will be 8C and raining all day... During an average 9 month riding season in eastern Canada, we have ridden through a range of -3 to 35C. Not an easy task to aim for a single jacket and pants combo solution.

The requirements are in essence: protection, breathability, waterproof, but all that must come with excellent airflow when we can afford/must ride with "vents open".

It seems like the Badland is very close but I am not yet convinced to spend that much to potentially experience leakage. I have spent so much time experiencing the Canadian weather having worked outside a lot that I know how difficult it can be to develop an 80% solution for our climate.

Thanks to thread like this one, we can get very good feedback.
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