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Originally Posted by gefr View Post
I never owned any other injected bike. There is the system CJdesign sells which changes the flow of the fp for some seconds, just when you turn the bike off. This is supposed to help some. I haven't tried it. I concentrated on a cheap solution on KTM's logic.
I can only speculate the injectors KTM uses are more delicate, but could be completely wrong.
The BMW GS guys switch their fuel filter to outside of the tank for ease of maintenance, but I have read that it was not possible on the KTM because it did not recirculate the fuel as the BMW, but simply supplied a pressure from the tank to the injectors. CJ's system blows back through the filter to unclog it. Seems to me that it would only blow what ever was stopping the filter back a bit, only to return to the filter as soon as the moto is started back up and begins to pump fuel.

Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
The R-GS uses a traditional large barrel-shape filter, the KTM uses a teabag construction. I think Mattinghofen went a bit anal with filtering and produced a conservative but easily clogged design.
I'm not sure if KTM recirculates fuel or not, but if it doesn't, as you say, then that could explain pump overheating failures.
That may explain the problem. Of course, by definition a filter will become stopped up, other wise, it would not be filtering.

Originally Posted by Trail bandit View Post
Mines at 271mm. 24,000 miles. Seems this means I'm running original chain. It has a masterlink, would have thought rivited in original form?

267.7mm? should be a brand new chain measurement. I converted from an imperial thread.

Cluth retorque..... Just noticed mine sounds like a bunch of bolts churning around when you listen near the clutch cover. Have to open her up.
I am near positive that all of the original chains were an endless. But, that don't mean someone did not convert it to a master link chain for some reason. I need to check my clutch bolts as well!
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