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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
WOW! That must have been really bad to have to leave like that.

Finally got official results this morning, we ended up 3rd in class 10. Kash Vessels had worked his way from a 7th start position to physically leading after going over the summit. Baja pits poured a tank full of hot (100* +) fuel into the car which lead to vapor locking issues taking 45 min to resolve. We were in 6th when Andy Grider got in below Camalu and did a fantastic job of fighting his way back up. After 500 miles of racing the car finishing directly in front and 2 cars finishing directly behind us were all class 10!! Now that is racing!
Glad to hear is went well for you guys. I was talking to Andy in the tech line, your car was the next one behind us.

We had a tough race. Started 2nd in class, was nerfed by 3rd place and lost a place. Re-passed for 2nd and was only 2 minutes behind 1st when we were hit hard from behing by a class 1 with no brakes. Passed 1st place on the highway at KM77 to go into the lead only to find out at BFG pit 1 the the class 1 had busted the rear cage off our car and it was hanging on by 1 tube. We then sat in the pit watching our class go by then watching all the slower classes go by to. 20 min's later we were welded up and back on course then sat at the summit for 1.5 hours watching the slower cars act stupid and get stuck on the hill climbs. Oh! It was hot too! Got the car to Borrego and crawled out. After 17 hours and some major work we won by an hour over 2nd place . This was the roughest Baja race I have ever run. There was carnage everywhere! So now I have a 1st place trophy on a bike and one in a car. Maybe a quad next?

Frog, not all car teams are as disorganized as what you experienced but it sure seems a lot are. That is what seperates the winners from the rest.
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