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Originally Posted by Leget View Post
Please add me to the list, Basic Tool, 15mm and 17mm axle adapter.
Just need payment info when you're ready!
Thank you, Michael
Adding now. Thanks! If you're in Salisbury we can meet up somewhere nearby and get it to you in person to save shipping. I'm in Charlotte.

Originally Posted by dandyrider View Post
my neighbor is going to machine a axle sleeve to fit the middle of my rear GSA rim so it will fit snug when I change the tire. All is good
Sweet! May want to pose your questions to the guys over in the original thread. Link is in the opening post. Sorry I am not able to speak from perosnal experience.

Originally Posted by Frankadv View Post
Please count me in too. I will have the "$350 Beginner stand/tool combo with 1 locking pusher".

Thank you for your time and effort working on this group order
Will do.

Originally Posted by nvklr View Post
"$350 "Pro" stand and 4 locking pushers only (tool not included)
LMK the final cost if you get a discount on these, if there is no discount then I'll order direct from him and save you the trouble.
That price is including a 10% discount that I haven't confirmed yet. Since several people are interested I'm hopeful we can get a deal. No idea on shipping costs yet.

Originally Posted by sfront View Post
Count me in for one "Basic" tool.
Got it, thanks.
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