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Originally Posted by flemsmith View Post
I have some Enduro sidebags that I'm planning to use. They're plastic, so I won't carry much that's heavy, and the mounting brackets are all homemade, but I'm fairly happy with them so far...This pix shows all three, one underneath, one at the forward top and one at rear top.

I also took another stab at how to run the throttle cables, cc'g Johnny Cash's input to run them thru the rear rubber mounts, and from the opposite side of the top frame. I think I like this pretty well.

So now I'm waiting for the saddle to come back from the shop, will be at least another week, but meanwhile I thought I'd try taking a pix of it with the sidebags and the painted pieces...It'll never look this pretty again.

Looks like I have the mufflers aimed a little lower than they were, but I may leave them that way, at least during debug. I've not ridden this bike long or far enough to know that they won't damage (melt) the sidebags.

So now I need to make sure the petcocks don't leak and then plumb the gas tank. I have finished bleeding the brakes, managed to get some Dot 3 on the newly painted rear caliper. Just as well that you can't even see it now for the sidebags. I'm almost at the stage where I try starting it and see how much trouble I have...confidence, confidence. Reminds me of a job interview I once went on. The head engineer asked me if what I've designed usually works the first time. I said no, not really. He agreed, and I got the job.

Bike's looking good. I wouldn't worry about the colour. The one word that's never used to describe an Italian bike, is "subtle".

I would like to know a little more about your bench/lift. Is it homemade, does it tilt and can you show a few more pictures of it?
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