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More pix...

of the workbench?....OK, but it's not very sophisticated. I'm pretty much an eyeball carpenter, made it out of 2x6's and 2x4's. Once I got it put together I realized that the gaps between the top 2x6's were not so cool whenever I dropped something small. So I ripped some thin scrap pieces and used them to stuff in between, now it's pretty close to a solid top. Every once in a while I slap some polyurethane on it so the inevitable oil spill doesn't soak in so much.

Pretty sure it's 8 ft long, cause I wouldn't have cut the top boards, just used some I had around. Nothing portable about it, the only space-savings I have is the ramp, an old 2x12 with a piece of angle iron at the top end to hook over the 2x4's. I keep it clamped to the side most of the time, just drag it out when I'm moving a bike on or off.

To show how much forethought there was, I once rebuilt an old ironhead sportster, got it up on the top and realized I had no place to put the sidestand, all previous bikes had used a center-stand. So I built an add-on porch. Not elegant, but it came in pretty useful from then on.

Primary downsides are that it takes up a fair amount of room, and it's pretty heavy. But then when I'm not working on a bike, it doubles as a sit-down bench using my little roller stools. And gets covered up in as much crap as the rest of my garage. On the positive, it was really cheap. roy
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