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When I looked at the stands last time, and my cost to ship to the individual inmates, a 10 % discount would have been a wash. And I have access to a commercial UPS account. The advantage to the tools and adapters is they fit in a USPS Flat Rate box. I think if EvanADV has to ship the stands UPS (weigh and measure and zip code) it will sink the deal (not to rain on anyone's parade).

Plus the stands will ship individually from Estonia, which will drive up the International shipping cost. If you can get him to drop ship to the individual inmates it would be better. And he could include a tool / adapters in the stand box if someone wanted one. I tried to figure out a fair way to divide up the shipping costs since not everyone ordered the same thing. I couldn't think of a way with the stands unless Are drop ships and that inmate pays that shipping fee. And remember, he's 1000's of miles away and English isn't his first language. The KISS principal worked for me LOL.
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