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Ride next week to Austin, Eureka, Ely and beyond

Three of us will be riding Old BMW R100GS Airheads to Central Nevada for a week of exploring the high elevation mountains of Ophir, Austin, Eureka, Ely and beyond. One of our friends will be on a Suzuki DR 650.

I just got my Airhead a week and a half ago and it hadn't been started in 7 years and had been left outdoors. My two friends have already restored their Airheads and did most of the work on mine to get it ready for this trip. Just got my new TKC 80's today and the only thing I am still waiting for is a new front brake rotor and brake pads. After cleaning up the carbs and putting in all new fluids, the 24 year old bike started right up and sounds great.

I have only done one shake down ride on it, last evening, up to the mountains and back, about 140 miles, and it ran great. It still has alot of rust and I will begin the detailing process once back from this trip.

The three of us have chosen the BMW R100GS Airhead because it has:
1. 21" front wheel
2. Tubeless spoke wheels
3. Shaft Drive
4. 462 lbs. full of fuel and ready to ride with 6 gallons of fuel. Not bad for a 1,000 cc adventure bike
5. Very basic design that is easy to work on, on the side of the road
6. BMW Heated hand grips

As far as I know, there is no new motorcycle with all of these features. I have owned two BMW R1200GS Adventures in the past and the Airhead is much lighter and easier to handle when off road and is a very good street bike for what it is, an old technology Adventure Bike. The GSA has some very nice features but I feel they are two completely different bikes. I will know much more about the R100GS in a couple of weeks.

This will be an adventure on my 1989 Airhead, just that alone, not to mention riding in a new area for me.

I'm hoping Ophir Pass is clear of snow by now as our first day will be riding from Tonopah to Berlin. Over Ophir Pass to Dianna's Punch Bowl and then into Austin.

Then we follow the Pony Express Trail heading east and north. I actually have no idea how much of the Pony Express dirt trail we can follow and if any of it is closed to motorized vehicles.

Here is a picture of my two friends GS Bumble Bees on a test ride up to 9,800 feet:

My bike up on the rack getting fresh fluids and a carb clean up:

Going to bring this 1989 BMW R100GS Airhead Bumble Bee back to life. First order of business is giving it it's first shower in 7 years after being parked outside with no use. My friend Jim, giving the old girl some much needed cleaning:
I came to ride...........

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