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Originally Posted by nnichols View Post
If you guys want some free topo maps that will load into MapSource check these out:

I've got two loaded that seem pretty nice:

Arkansas Topo 24k+

Arkansas Contour 20ft Overlay

After installing you will see a pulldown in MapSource where you can change maps. Kind of nice to see what the topos look like for all of these GPXs.

I think the overlay can be used on a gps in conjunction with a base street map. That way the topo will be overlaid. The first one, the Arkansas Topo 24k+, is nice in MapSource, but when I used it on my Nuvi at SLAP last year it was too much information unless I really zoomed in.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw this out there since it's a pretty cool freebie.
I'm not finding this Arkansas Contour 20ft Overlay on the gpsfiledepot site. Does anyone have this? Still just trying to get some shaded relief going under my City Nav maps without too many topo lines. If this overlay is a mess too, don't worry about it.
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