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Initial Impression

I'm 6'`1", 185 lbs, 34" waist, 44" chest and 36" Badlands pants with Lg jacket fit perfectly. The suit was obviously designed and sized to wear as a complete garment and not an over pant or over jacket. It is fully lined and cut to fit snug in the waist and loose in the shoulders and ass. During most conditions, I wear a pair of nylon warmup pants and a long sleeved mock T underneath. Lots of freedom of movement for vigorous activities offroad, yet very form fitting and non-flap-able for high speeds. When the weather turns cold, I put a fleece long sleeved jacket or electric vest under the jacket and am good to go well below freezing. Not a lot of room, but not overly tight with my thick fleece. I wouldn't want to try to wear the fleece on a rugged offroad workout, but doubt I would anyway as I would overheat.

The sleeve gators are a non issue as they are easily folded back over the sleeve cuffs if more air is desired (they are made of a stretch fabric). Very useful feature if you ride in chilly conditions and want to delay putting on insulating undergarments. The sleeve length is perfect for riding standing on the pegs and a bit long the rest of the time, but I'll put up with that for up on the pegs comfort and protection.

I'll report back on waterproofness after the next frog strangler, which we do have regularly in the Pacific Northwet. Probably more suit than many (most?) folks need, but if you need the protection and features, or just appreciate a really well designed and built piece of technical gear and/or have gazillions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, the Badlands Pro will be your huckleberry.


DISCLAIMER: All observations made in this post are mine and based solely on my own anecdotal experiences, and may contain large doses of facetiousness. YMMV, of course. You are "on your own", and I take no responsibility if someone tries anything in this post and gets into trouble with the law, damages their person or property, or goes blind. Take everything you read or hear "anywhere" butt especially on the Web with a large dose of salt.

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