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Have a great ride guys.
I am a former XT225 rider. I guess it was my first small dirt bike. I really liked it, for the most part. It was very capable offroad and would go nearly anywhere. Gearing was perfect. 1st gear was a tree climber and 70 mph in 6th was no problem. Great gas mileage.
I did throw a rear spoke, which seems odd, but I later heard that others had loose spoke issues. Keep an eye on them. I also blew out a countershaft seal from too many wheelies and jumps. That was an easy fix.
The main thing that bugged the shit out of me about the XT225 was the angle of the seat and the serious knee bend to the pegs. The seat seems to keep you crammed into the tank and the peg to seat distance was tiny.
I can't see that being good for any male over a 30" inseam.
They really are great bikes. The seat issue can be remedied.
Have fun and thanks for sharing your adventures.
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