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Haines vs. Skagway

A friend who lives in Juneau bought a motorcycle this past winter and has been storing it in my back yard. He won't have time to come retrieve it until mid August so I offered to ride it to Juneau for him, IF I can fit on the bike, which I don't think has been lowered. He offered to cover expenses - what a delightful deal!

I'm trying to decide whether to ride to Haines or Skagway to catch the ferry and the mileage difference is miniscule. Which route is the most scenic? I've heard the Klondike Hwy is beautiful, so I'm kind of leaning towards going to Skagway.

There's a humorous aside to this potential trip.

The bike is a KLR and past history has shown that KLRs typically don't perform well around my #1 DR. Therefore I will have to keep the trip a secret from my bikes so they don't get jealous or send mischievous ju-ju to the KLR.

I'm sure AlcanRider will have some smart-alec concerns about whether or not the KLR will survive riding with me. Therefore, to alleviate any trepidation about the safety and performance of the bike, I would like to let him know that I recently rode a KLR up a couple mountains in Colorado and both of us survived the trip just fine. And it was a BLAST, with lots of twisty, narrow roads with steep dropoffs. I'm ready to move back to the Rocky Mountain region as the riding opportunities and scenery are spectacular.

Cheers - I think spring may have finally arrived!
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