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Originally Posted by dwj - Donnie View Post

I just received my "new" used windshield from an Inmate yesterday. Cee Bailey makes two heights for the 990, I bought the shorter of the two, even though the descriptions suggested I probably needed the taller. They was right, I was wrong! The taller is better! Now I need to put my old one up for sale, maybe the OEM one as well.
Good to know you have the wind sorted. Makes longer days easier as well as saving on hearing loss. Consider using the shorter screen with MRA X screen. I've just brought one for the Bandit combined with zero touring screen, but...playing with the idea of sticking MRA on top of Madstad going on KTM 990 to both tweak air flow and tilt MRA down in the mountains or slower riding scenic stuff where it's good to be able to get more above screen viewing area.

Testing when Madstad arrives. Probably need to call Mark and find out when.
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