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Originally Posted by Jedi5150 View Post
I'll throw in my .02 cents...

I've spent years driving and riding twisty roads like Highway 9 and Skyline Blvd. I have driven these roads for years in a cruiser (I mean a Crown Vic with lights, not a cruiser motorcycle), and ridden them on a motorcycle. Tight twisty roads are fun, don't get me wrong, but what I really enjoy are the well-paved, sweeping (constant radius) turns on a bigger highway. The nirvana of which I speak is Highway 101 from the Golden Gate to the Oregon state line. Once you get north of Mendocino the road gets twisty, the scenery beautiful, and the curves are big enough you can open the throttle a bit and lean in with confidence...and there is nobody up there. I will never get tired of northern CA on the 101. And Crescent City is a nice little town to stay in, or if you're the camping type Jedediah Smith Redwoods just up 199 (another outstanding highway) is a gorgeous place to stop. The redwoods around Crescent City are where the "Forest Moon of Endor" scenes were filmed for Return of the Jedi.

Just off Highway 199 last October:
Love the picture! I most definitely agree with all the roads you said! been up that way a couple times in a car and would LOVE to go again! I see you 1200 there right..? Would you say that area would still be enjoyable on a KLR650? When i went up to Tahoe last weekend i was booking 60-70 the whole way up, even in the twisties and gotta say it was fantastic ride!!

Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
Thatís terrific; you did what you always wanted to do.

haha thanks! Made me realize though there are sssoooo many more ways to go! I plan on going there for Oktoberfest on the first weekend of October this year! Hopefully i get a crew to join me!
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