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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
So stall it.

Best way to get rid of fear, is to experience what you fear.

Go in a straight line, so you don't drop your bike, and try to stall your motor with rear brake, see where the cut off point is. Feel for what the bike is doing. Motor will surge pretty badly before stalling, so you should have plenty of tell tale signs before it seizes.

All bikes are different. I couldn't stall my Triumph Speed Triple for the life of me, and thats going in circles where the bike is thumping and surging, at snails pace, dragging rear.

Rux (my friend) used to stall his KTM SMC 690 all the time.

Things like these we can't really explain or even give an accurate base to. There are so many variables. Just try it for yourself and you'll learn a lot more than reading about it.

The reason I ask is because... if they are riding at 16mph around the corner, then I am pointless to be practicing at 7. I should speed up and practice doing full lock at 10mph without being close to stalling the motor
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