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Originally Posted by HayDuchessLives View Post
I'm trying to decide whether to ride to Haines or Skagway to catch the ferry and the mileage difference is miniscule. Which route is the most scenic? I've heard the Klondike Hwy is beautiful, so I'm kind of leaning towards going to Skagway.
As others have noted, either one will provide scenic delight as well as some great riding. Chilkat Pass followed by the descent of 40 Mile Hill and the ride along the Chilkat River going into Haines via the Haines Cut-Off. There is also a park south of town with a scenic ride along the inlet (Mud Bay Rd) that you would probably enjoy.

If you choose Skagway: Carcross (if you follow this route, stop at the museum in Carcross), Windy Arm of Tagish Lake with Bove Island sitting out there inviting a photo stop, the descent from the top of White Pass with the White Pass & Yukon narrow-gauge tracks across the valley, and the possibility of taking a side trip to Dyea to trek part way up the Chilkoot Pass trail.

If you pick the latter choice, be prepared to walk around the old town if a cruise ship is in port, as traffic is at a virtual standstill in those blocks. Decent dining can be had closer to the northeast entry to the town, away from the tourist-trap downtown section.

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I'm sure AlcanRider will have some smart-alec concerns about whether or not the KLR will survive riding with me.
Now hold on there! If you recall, last year I volunteered to see your Dumpster Reject out of the state, never to return. It wasn't you I was intending to dispose of, although there have been times...
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