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Thank you Matteo!
External pocket and protectors - as I thought, but wanted to confirm.

As I understand, thermal liner is not waterproof and best is to use external jacket from rainwear set, yes?
So far, I have in good shape Scott TP Rain overjacket, but in future could be interested in buying just Spidi rain jacket, not the kits, which I can see on Spidi webpage.

I found one more nice aspect about NETRACE - at the bottom of sleeve - there is non-velcro fastener, a button.
In past I had bad experience, when open velcro was sticking to thermoactive shirt.

Sorry I am asking questions, when answers are probably obvious to many people, but in past I used merged waterproof and thermo liner in Revit Tornado.
I also was used to hard 'knox air' protectors. I am new to SPIDI.
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