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Riders, where did you choose to ride today?

Am I finally turning into a Rider (as Dakez would say) instead of a Biker? I needed to run to Memphis and back, and chose to take the RT instead of the company cage. Endured 150 miles of slab early in the day to get the business out of the way, in order to enjoy 200 miles of back-roads the rest of the day .

On my first overnight ride a few years ago I woke up one morning and thought "Oh crap, I'm a whole days' ride from home, what if something happens?" Not a rider.

A year later, woke up again on a trip and thought "Alright, I'm two full days' riding from home, wonder how much further I can go?" Maybe a Rider?

Earlier this year, rode a 1,000 mile round trip one weekend to meet some (new) friends for BBQ; 250 miles of the ride home were in the pouring rain, didn't get home until midnight. I think I'm turning into a Rider...

Where did you choose to ride today, that means you've turned into a Rider?
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