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Funny this comes up...

I received a PM from KTMtalk member "Chrisbarnes1" today. He just finished making his first set of glue-on CF tank protectors.
I think he did a pretty nice job... my only comment being that he should consider extending the left one down to protect the petcock.
I suggested he post his images here and do a write-up of the materials used along with an install overview.

I don't have the slightest clue if he intends to make any more sets... but I bet he might consider it if someone talked to him in sweet and gentle tones.

Personally, I think tank protectors on a 640 ADV are of limited value... but I've never let someone elses opinion stop me from doing odd stuff, like drilling a bigass hole in my fairing for example.

That's it... Happy New Year,
So... how's tricks?
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