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1. How many days of racing would you like? Remember there’s also a registration/tech day ahead of the first race day, and probably a half day after the final race day for awards.
2. How many hours of racing per day (assuming moderate to extremely challenging terrain)?
3. How difficult should the navigation be? Different difficulty on each day?
4. How difficult should the terrain be? Different on each day?
5. Would you like zero, one, or two optional short non-timed “practice” stages to get used to the roadbooks, unique navigation, and unique terrain in the area? Would you come one or two days early to do the practice stage(s)?
6. Would you like to camp in a bivouac, Dakar style, or pay for hotel rooms a ways away from the start/finish?
7. Are paved liaison sections a major pain, or a minor inconvenience? How far is too far if you have a morning and evening paved liaison?
8. Which would you prefer:
...a. Moving bivouac (i.e. Dakar and NORRA Mexican 1000, more liaisons, more taco stands).
...b. Fixed bivouac (stationary camp, no need for chase crew, no long drive back to the border after you're done).
9. Would you be willing to pay 3 times more if it was in Western USA instead of Northern Mexico?
10. What could be done to attract traditional Baja racers without turning it into another SCORE race?
1)3 days. I think if you want to grow the NA interest you need to make the rallys do-able without huge time commitment.
2) 6 hours for experts, limited 1st gear stuff so big bikes can come
3) make it challenging. I'm not really interested in a tour.
4) Variety is great.
5) Not for me - I'd say let Jimmy or someone else organize more classes at other times to make your prep easier.
6) Cheap camp or bivy I'd say. You may need to offer both though.
7) Whatever it takes to get to a good section of riding
8) Fixed would be my preference.
9) Yes just so 3X does not mean $8K
10) Get Tim Morton to build a few bikes for rental or perhaps have RMS offer rental nav setups. Maybe give the top 2 finishers of each baja class a discount on the entry fee or rental nav or something like that.

For me my biggest constraint is time. I'm far for wealthy, but I'd be willing to pay more $$ for something closer / compact as possible.

Good luck and thanks for dreaming big.
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