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TT tank syphoning

Originally Posted by khpossum View Post
Update: found that sneaky little oring and got a new one. Also ordered some viton sheet. Since we live in the great country with its super high tech measurement system I could not find a metric thickness except in a huge quantity / price. But I did find a 6" x 6" x 3/32" sheet, just a bit thicker at 2.38 mm, but that may make the seal a little tighter.

I did find out the syphoning / sealing had worked reasonably well. When I took the gas cap off a lot of gasoline came out, it was filled well above the fill level. Good deal!

I think I finally got the syphoning to the TT tank to work reliably. The vent flange was not sealing reliably enough despite a new gasket. Sometimes it sealed and sometimes it did not. I was hesitant to tighten the screws too much, since they go in the plastic of the tank. Well, it seems some of these screw holes were pretty much stripped. I added some black RTV to the gasket surface and now things finally seem to work fine. Anybody find some oversize screws of the same type to use?

I added a clear fuel filter in the line to the XC tank. I can see if the syphon is working.

- TT tank (bought it used from Norway) works, riding range now acceptable
- TT bash plate installed (bought it used from Norway)
- Hotrod Welding rack installed
- Wolfman Rocky Mountain bags bought and installed and used for my first weekend ride.
- Horn replaced and it quit working, need to go back to Napa
- Fan-On LED installed
- Air shock replaced with Hyperpro
- Hyperliights installed
- Toolkit assembled
- Small Seahorse box installed on rack for around town riding
- SparkBright Voltage LED monitor installed, cheap way to check your charging system
- Got my riding spare parts
- Installed center stand (SW-Motech), not so easy to get it on the center - stand when the bike is loaded.
- MRA windshield
- Heated gear wiring installed

Left to do:
- Seat Concepts seat redo
- I have been looking at a vaportech, anybody used it on an XC with std dashboard?
- I need to install some other front fender. Last weekends ride with some mild mud crudded up parts of the radiator quickly.

The bike is just about ready for some long trips this summer and for another big one next summer, still working on my 2014 options.

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