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Thanks Donnie

Originally Posted by dwj - Donnie View Post
You know, before you start suggesting someone is a liar, you should at least check their Profile, maybe see if they have done any Ride Reports. No, I did not ride 40,000 miles, each of the last two years. I rode 51,091 miles in 2011 and 37,992 miles in 2012. The high during the last ten years was 52,000 and the low was 32,000 miles.

No, I don't need to work. Over 32 years in the tire and tube manufacturing business with jobs spanning janitor work to General Plant Manager along the way. It may also be a lie, but I think I earned a MBA. Most importantly, good retirement benefits along with the intellect to invest and capitalize on the stock market worked to my advantage. I am not "rich" by my standards, but I am comfortable.

There are riders with a lot more miles than me. But I have rode a fair amount. Since I came home in April I sold a Goldwing with 242,000 miles that I purchased new. A KLR with 87,000 miles that I purchased with 840 miles on it. A KLX250S with, I believe 8,100 that I purchased with 1,503 miles, and I just sold a R1100GS with 103,000 on the odometer and 7,000 documented with a GPS while the speedo cable was broken. It had 28,000 on it when purchased. What about you? Have you been riding any?

Given that I have only read of a few 950/990s with more than 40,000 miles on them and given how much I ride, I think the question is very reasonable. I did not originally purchase this moto to be my only bike and was not intending on it being a 40,000 mile per year moto. But, I did not plan on my wife of 38 years dying, nor did I plan on selling my house and living on the road.

I don't feel any reason to justify a damn thing to you, but if you are curious, check out some of these Ride Reports:

You might not want to be quite as quick to openly question someone's honesty on a public forum, you just might make an ass of yourself. But, if you come down to Mississippi before I leave, we can go riding!

Other than when I lived in Texas and worked in Mexico, where I occasionally rode my moto to work, I have very rarely used the motos to commute to work.
If that "gentleman" from the front range hadn't said what he said I would not have bumped into your great ride reports. Many thanks for posting these great reports.
The good you do is good for you!
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