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Its a good thing i know Seano & Wez personally otherwise i would have to throw a cow in front of Wezs next trip & a tree in front of Seanos next trip. But they might not need too much help with that.

I suppose i had better lift the subject here out of the gutter.

Well caught up with Elephant 900 Rad. Top bloke Randy. We had a couple of light ales and i managed to get in trouble from a nice lady sitting behind me in the bar when i yelled out to Randy "Exactly" what Seano had posted in this thread.

Apparently there were ladies present & and that sort of comment was not nice when they were present.

So i road down the coast road from LA. Pretty good scenery.

Traffic in LA is insane. I was plodding along at 80mph & was being passed by every mad fucker in a cage. So the norm is 120kph plus.

Few nice spots along here. I was really enjoying all the sweet smells of Suncream lotion & the nice views of the "Big Ol Titties" that went with that.

Plus all the RV owners with their beach camp fires burning. Lots of different experiences. Including young guys hangging out the windows of cars taking photos of me & yelling & giving me the thumbs up. Yelling out KTM yeaaah.

It was a little like the gold coast or sunshine coast in OZ but drier.

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