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Out the door

21:00 I roll into Denver with pants so wet I couldn't have made them wetter through incontinence or otherwise. Perhaps if I hadn't stopped off at Tommyknocker brewery for an Oatmeal stout and a reuben I would have beat the typical "no warning" Colorado thunder showers...

Totally glad I didn't though as the beer was very worth it. Anyways, that was last night. Tonight I sit here in my favorite study spot, Leela's Cafe in downtown. It's an eclectic mix of students, stoners, tweakers, businessmen and oddly dressed older gentlemen who are either trying to look eccentric enough for the young girls to talk to, or they're trying to look eccentric enough for the young boys to talk to. There always seems to be a couple of these Uncle Bad Touch characters here, I'll keep an eye on 'em.

Last night I rolled in at 9pm from what turned out to be one hell of a good 4 day run at the Southwest corner of Colorado. First time I had ever been there so I truly had no idea what I was in for. In retrospect had I known it would be such ride report rich material I would have done a better job cataloging each beer, pizza and shot of crown. My best friend was doing some firefighter training in Montrose so I thought I'd use the excuse to take a break from school and check out Ouray, Telluride and some of Alpine Loop. Time to assemble some panniers and hit the road. As no-one reads Playboy for the articles, here ya go..

Oh Snap... South to Colorado Springs, Hwy 24 past Pikes Peak(too much traffic to attempt), East to Buena Vista, Hwy 50 to Morrow Point Reservoir for a little camping...

Campsite hunting..


The crazy part is I haven't even made it to the pretty parts yet...

Tomorrow: Ouray, Engineer Pass, Corkscrew trail and whole lot of cussing... Pictures haven't started yet..

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