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Had to use my spot 2 weekends ago. No medical emergency, but I was out playing on some dirt trails when my Wee lost almost all power to the rear wheel.

(I now know that it was just needing a clutch adjustment, but I didnt have the tools in the tool kit to remove the cover, or the knowledge that was the issue)

Was also 80 miles from my house. So, while in the middle of nowhere, I managed to pull up the coverage on my cell and add roadside assistance. Then babied the bike to a gas station that had some tables and some warm grub, and then hit the button. 3 minutes later, they called, asked the issue, and then said they would call back as soon as tehy found me a tow truck. We agreed on a place about 50 miles where I could meet a friend to get back the final bit ($5 a mile after that was the going rate). They called back in 30 min, and said the tow truck would be there in 90 min.

Guy showed up with a normal to truck and a motorcycle trailer. We chatted about bikes and stuff all the way back to the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

So far, so good. Already paid for itself, much better deal than triple A.
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