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I'm very conscious of the fact that I need to do an update. Things are on the up here and after my last post, I wasn't in much of a mood to do it.

I'm mobile again... still using a crutch on stairs and for anything other than a very brief walk. I've ditched the damn leg brace and (shhhh) I've been belting around on the scooter.

When I got here, my Burmese massage lady said "You fat" and poked me in the gut.

Last night she was saying "You very fat". No tip for her last night.

Sheesh. Its a bit tough - a bloke cuts out a hell of a lot of his diet, misses meals, etc.... but because he can't exercise much he gets hounded.

I'll do the write-up later, including a road trip down to NE Thailand with Auke, the local map-maker to check out some war history. Came back from that fairly knackered. Been out with some of the lads too. Have the wedding to write up... have forgotten all details from the bucks party, of course.

More in a day or two
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