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back from spin to bonnie Scotland..........home of the deep fried mars bar and some very fine scenery.....!!!

I left home and headed up the road last sunday morning, of course it was raining, just what I had ordered !! was excited to be getting away and then thought I
better start taking a few pictures e weather.

first pull up was at this bridge which overlooks the town of ballyshannon/belashanny and the winding banks of erne !!

there was a festival going on there - the rory gallagher festival - a guitar legend who was born there in, a hospital, hospital was called - the rock hospital !!

the lcals are known to call it the (o)rg(y) festival but it really attracts many fans from all over europe every year.

fantastic guitarist he was and died way too young.

this is the big bridge which allows you to bypass the town and this was to be my ride, first spin in a while on this one.

the panniers aren't great (small) but good enough. i brought my tyre repair kit and compressor (12v) and bits which filled one side. Not sure if I should bother
with the repair kit and comp as if you get a flat how far away from reality are you likely to be at the worst of times.

away up the road and weather was not great, dark and mizzly ould rain see crappy pic below of 'barnesmore gap' - aka 'the gap'

the ferry i was to get would be later in the evening so i thought go up thru glenshane pass up to north coast, see portstewart and dunluce castle and down thru
cushendall all the way into larne, perfect, it might clear up too !! hope reigns eternal.

passd by this old lump of a big house, probably from the landlord days of olde, somewhere in tyrone i think.

close up of the house, i really do wonder what kind of lives they led behind those walls ! they must have been well off in many ways or did they know the price
of everything and the value of nothing and were they happy really. it's all gone now.

glenshane pass, what a pisser that was, i thought something like a european pass, tight hairpins or at least a twisty or big f**in straight busy main road !

pic so that you see what i mean.

eventually i get to portstewart, wee town on the north coast - nice place !

starting to get hungry, so went for coffee and cake at great place called morelli's - they have a few branches of morellis in the north ! good ice cream too !

apologies for the quality of pics, many reasons for this including camera was acting up and eventually quit and used phone camera and weather and bad head..
excuses, excuses.

my feast !

pleasant wee harbour in the town.

looks like good beach too..

soft white chalky rock in places which allows for the fairy bridges and such created by the waves and the sea.

sometimes a watery grave doesn't seem such a bad thing, lots of piracy round here in the olde days !

these young girls were frolicking in the fields showing off their arses and their designer number underwear !

there was lots of this kind of thing to see, dunluce castle is the ould house on the right of the pic.

some of the aforementioned fairy bridges in the making !

gotta run, to be continued. thank you for looking in.
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