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Originally Posted by ridered3000 View Post
I just checked the 60 and a 572 side by side.This 60 holds 18 and is stamped Long Rifle only.The 572 holds 15 but accepts shorts,longs,and long rifle. I tend to forget I even own the 572.We never bonded
I would think the tube and spring would be the only way to change capacity.The current version looks the same as mine and loads the same so there isn't much else that could limit it
Anyone else get a Fathers Day Flyer from Cabela's? I think they have different capacities in different states. It would be interesting to hear from someone in another part of the US. CT just passed a 10 shot mag limit, but rimfires were exempt.
on one side the sign it said "Private Road", but on the other side it didn't say nothin'
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